5 Tips to Nail a Job Interview

by | Aug 20, 2021


A job interview can be intimidating, especially after a lengthy job search. You want to show you are the best candidate for the job to a potential employer, but it’s hard to know what to expect and how to prepare for the interview questions they might ask. Before you go to your next job interview, go back to basics and take time to prepare for success. Here are five tips to help you nail your next job interview.



1. Research the Company and Your Interviewers Online


Coming to the interview prepared with information about the company proves to your interviewer that you are genuinely interested in working there; it also demonstrates initiative. 



Research the company and learn everything about its mission, management, products, and services, from its website and social media. You can also view the current employees’ social media and LinkedIn posts to find out what they love about working there. 



If you are provided with a contact who will be interviewing you on the day, look that person up on social media, LinkedIn, or even their personal website to learn more about the company, the department you’ll join, and the interviewer’s career path.



By having some knowledge of the interviewer’s prior experience, you can make small talk and build rapport. This will help make a good impression and show them you can work well with others in the company.



2. Prepare and Practice for Answering Interview Questions


You can find lists of popular interview questions online. Prepare yourself for the interview by thinking about how you will answer them and what skills or qualifications you want to highlight during the process. Consider the opening question of the interview an elevator pitch for yourself. 



Remember that you are also interviewing the company, so prepare questions based on your research about the company and the position, which will enable you to engage with your interviewers and stand out from your competitors.



Practice in front of the mirror aloud so you can clarify your thoughts. Also, you can have a friend or family member listen to you answer questions out loud. You can become more aware of your body language and feel more comfortable maintaining eye contact during an interview when you practice with someone else.




3. Dress Appropriately


The first impression is always the most important factor for interviews, so make sure you dress appropriately for your interview. Look at the company’s social media and website to see how their employees are dressed for work. Dress in a manner similar to that of the company, such as smart casual. Otherwise, err on the side of caution by wearing business formal clothes and avoid any distracting jewelry, heavy makeup, and strong perfumes or colognes. 



Make sure that your eyeglasses are clean, and polish your shoes to remove dirt and stains. Get a haircut and a razor shave if necessary, have your fingernails manicured, or even give yourself an at-home facial for some natural-looking radiance. Before your interview, make sure your outfit and physical appearance are ready, so you can look and feel your best to get the most out of your time at the interview.




4. Stay Calm and Confident 


Even when you are well-prepared, you may experience nerves. Staying calm in your interview exudes poise and confidence while allowing you to maintain mental clarity so you can answer questions with ease.



A great way to stay on track during your interview is by putting together a list of positive mantras in your notes or smartphone. Have this on hand and remember these phrases as you enter the interview room, encouraging yourself to stand tall and smile. 



The hiring manager is looking for a qualified candidate who will be a good fit and work well with their team, and they selected you among many applicants for this position. Once you view yourself as a strong candidate, your natural personality and ability will come across more clearly in the interview.



5. Send a “Thank You” Email After the Interview


As soon as you finish interviewing, sending a thank you email is essential. You want to convey your interest and that you are eager to learn about the next steps. Customize your message so your interviewers know it is not a cut-and-paste email template that everyone else sends them. 



You might also want to include a little information about an upcoming company product release you think you’ll enjoy working on or a short-term project your new manager would like you to work on right away if you got hired. Anything you can mention aligning your skills with the job description and company culture will make you more memorable to your interviewer while standing out among other candidates. 



Make Your Next Interview a Success


When you use these tips while interviewing with companies during your job search, you’ll get more job offers and have a greater chance of being hired for your dream job.



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